On the farm today...

June 11, 2020


Strawberries are starting to turn red.  We will start picking next week (June 15).  If you want a U-pick pint ($5/ea), or a flat ($45), let us know.  We can also pick with prior notice ($6/pint).  

Our duckling is feathering out, and is called Rose (mom's name is Hermione, and apparently Harry Potter's character had a daughter named Rose).

May 9, 2020

We have a new duckling that was born on Mother's Day.  Great gift for mom duck and me!


December 2019

We have had a few too many happy additions on our farm :).  We also have a runner duck male that was raised by Muscovies that will only breed with muscovies.  We call him Runscovy.  As a result we have quite a few hybrid muscovy/runner ducks.  If anyone is interested in any of these fun looking ducks (they will likely make great layers), please contact me.  We have about 12 ducks too many right now.  We also have lots of Muscovies we are looking to re-home.

We are all sold out of produce for the year, but are happy to take suggestions or pre-orders for next year.

June 2019

We have a happy few additions to the farm right now.  Our Muscovy Beyonce has hatched two Pekin ducks.  Crazy cute.

We also have strawberries for sale starting next week!

December 2018

Sadly, it is the end of our apple sales.  It was a great year, and it was wonderful to meet everyone who came out to try varieties they had never tried, and perhaps find a new favourite.  From cider apples, to baking and fresh eating... I discovered a new variety this year that was perfect for my daughter's lunch:  Sabina.  It was small, crisp, and was actually eaten every day.  It kept for a few months too.  

April  2018

It is April, we are back from France, and sadly we lost a few ducks.  They found a way through the fence and a raccoon found them.  I am needing to replace any poly and electric netting with metal fencing, as the rabbits chew through everything and leave gaping holes for my chickens and ducks to slip through.  Bosley and Cagney, you will be missed. 

Cherries are blooming, peaches are just ending and apples are not there yet.  Our mason bees are having a great day in the sun.  Happy that I made lots more mason bee houses.  I'm going to need them!

I get  lots of people wanting tours, and I love to give them (when I can).  I don't charge and am happy to have kids.  Best not to bring pets, as our cats and poultry aren't big fans of being chased.

Finally, I received a very nice email from an education group called Learning Haven.  They did their own research on how to raise poultry and wanted to share some info on using video monitoring.  I have included that link in my links page and here:


I have used wildlife cameras in the past, in my previous life as a Park Biologist and Park Warden.  They were a helpful tool in letting us know which areas or wildlife trails were being used by cougars, bears, wolves and other wildlife.  This is a whole new take on how to use cameras.  Much easier today with continuous monitoring and digital photos.  Initially we would have to load it with camera film, and every time the wind would blow some leaves around we would have a camera roll of, well... leaves.

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