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Fresh from the farm this week - September 15

We have had a great week despite the smoky conditions.  Thank you for all the orders last week, we are now sold out of Prima, Priam, Scarlett and Wolf River!  

Luckily our main (and all around fave apple), Liberty is ripe and ready!  And because we have a bumper crop this year, we have great savings on this versatile variety.

As always, our produce is produced without pesticides, and fertilized using free ranging ducks and chickens.



Our best selling apple due to its versatility and great easy taste. Perfect for fresh eating, juicing, cider, baking and apple sauce.  One of the juiciest apples you can buy.

40lb box for $73!


Novamacs are always loved by those who enjoy that old-time apple flavour.  Reminiscent of MacIntosh apples, but even better.  They are firmer are tastier than the original.

40lb box $78

To order your box now, contact us at:

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