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New Products Available: Apple Chips, Fruit Leather and Cider Kits

We now produce our own small-batch, spray-free apple chips and fruit leather, containing fruit and vegetables grown right here at Fruit Forest Farm. In fact the only ingredients you'll find in our products are our fruit and vegetables! There's no added sugar, no pesticides, and no preservatives.

They make great healthy snacks and are the perfect addition to kid's lunches. So why don't you head over to the farm today to pick up a bag ($7.50), and maybe try your hand at U-Pick while you're at it!

For U-Pick and We-Pick this week, we have heritage tomatoes and four varieties of apples available: Golden Delicious, Nova Mac, Prima and Liberty. We also have baking and dessert apples ready (perfect for apple sauce and pies). Whether its U-Pick or We-Pick we always charge the same, $2.25/lb, but we do offer a discount on imperfect apples and orders of 40lbs or more!

Finally, we have two cider kits left for 2021! Pre-book our unsprayed, cider apples now (ready at the end of September) to create your own fantastic artisan cider.

Cider apples are $1.80/lb and 100lbs makes 23 litres of cider. Make your own, or book a U-Brew like McBarleys to make it for you.

Get in touch to book an appointment or place an order by calling 250-888-0843 or emailing >

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